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Online Bookings and Self Check-In Kiosk

Have you tried booking your appointments online? It’s so easy and offers many benefits, including being able to easily see when your preferred GP is available. You will also receive a Reminder email 24hrs prior to your appointment, not to mention the fact that you can log in at any time to check on future appointments, and if need be, amend or cancel them.

It can be accessed either through this website, or via the “Appointuit” app which can be downloaded onto both Apple and Android devices.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring your visit to Hawthorne Clinic is as ‘hassle free’ as possible, we have recently implemented a ‘Self Check-In’ Kiosk in Reception. It is very simple to use – be sure to give it a go next time you come in!

It is not compulsory however, and is there as an additional tool to assist our friendly staff.

It also serves the purpose of ensuring the contact details we have for you on file are current and correct, including ensuring we have an email address on file for you.

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