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Movember becomes Mo-cember at Hawthorne Clinic

Through the past month, a few faces around Hawthorne Clinic have been sporting a bit more fuzz than usual. Yes, our annual Movember charity fundraising push has been underway.

While November might be over, we’ve decided to keep up the fundraising effort going as we push towards our $500 goal. After all, it all goes towards “changing the face of men’s health”.

As you can see, our moustache-growing efforts have produced mixed results. In our earlier notice, we said that Yasu and Caleb were curious to see how they’d go at the end of the month.

Well, there’s your answer: two fairly good beards on their way. Keith, meanwhile, has been sporting a thick handlebar mo. As for Lucas, he said he trimmed his usual stubble back to emphasise the underlying moustache – yet somehow he seems to have less facial hair overall.

“We’re looking forward to it being over, to be honest,” Lucas laughs. “The general consensus is it’s a bit itchy with the increased humidity.

It’s been a great team-building effort too, but beards and summer don’t mix. Help us get to $500 so we can shave!”

He says the team is pretty close to its fundraising goal and so is keeping donations open for another week. Nationally, Movember 2019 has already raised close to $30 million.

“Get in now. Get in soon. In person at the clinic or online – it’s all welcome. Even two bucks helps.”

Help us in our fundraising efforts at the offical Hawthorne Clinic Movember "Mobros" team page.

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