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Take charge of your health and be your healthiest you

A Positive Health Program is designed by your GP to help you achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

or call us on 3399 5444


What is a Positive Health Program?

Your Hawthorne Clinic team tailor a Positive Health Program to your health and wellbeing needs to optimise your overall health and wellbeing.


Your program will help to motivate you to eat healthily, move healthily and live healthily, helping you to achieve the healthiest version of you.

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Your GP is perfectly placed to work with you to help prevent illness and achieve good health.

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Build your team of referred health professionals to optimise your health and wellbeing outcomes.

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A thorough medical check and Body Analysis allows you to get a full picture of your overall health.

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Your GP's Body Analysis tool accurately monitors and securely tracks your health progress. 

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A personal program is designed to help you achieve and maintain good health.

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Overall health is more than your weight. Your GP will look at the big picture of your overall health. 



The Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) strongly encourages health promotion and preventative care in the prevention of illness. Our Positive Health Program will focus on disease and illness prevention rather than treatment. 


Following a thorough medical check and Body Composition Analysis, your GP will design you a program involving help from dieticians, exercise professionals and possibly even psychologists to steer you towards achieving and maintaining good health. 



Optimise your health and book with a Hawthorne Clinic GP for your Positive Health Program consult today.

or call us on 3399 5444


The Body composition analysis scales enable your GP to analyse various elements of your health. This information can then be used by your GP to tailor a nutrition, fitness and overall health program for you to feel your best and lead your healthiest life.


  • Fat percentage and mass, BMI and fat distribution are all measurements that enable your GP to determine whether you are at risk of any lifestyle-related illnesses


  • Tracking bone mass enables your GP to monitor bone health and help assess for osteoporosis risk


  • Muscle mass and muscle distribution will help your GP in assessing whether an athlete is at their peak ability to perform, or if a patient after a stay in hospital needs to improve their nutrition and exercise to manage frailty



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The Walking GP

(aka Dr Sarah Gillman)


Join our ‘walk around the park’ group to help you kickstart 

your health exercise program.


Start: Front steps of Hawthorne Clinic


Time: 7am | Weekly: Friday | Cost: FREE



Please enquire at reception for more details or ask your Hawthorne Clinic GP.

World Health Organisation

“health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

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