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Our new video consults: step-by-step instructions

Here at Hawthorne Clinic, we always put the health and safety of both you and our doctors first. This is why we’re rolling out video appointments to respond to the restrictions and necessities imposed by COVID-19.

Don’t worry. Our video appointments - or “telehealth consults” - will be just like a regular doctor’s appointment, just from the comfort, privacy and safety of your own home. And, if your doctor feels it necessary, you’ll still be called in for an in-person appointment.

Here’s how it works. It’s really simple.

Step 1: Call Hawthorne Clinic reception

When you call our reception to book an appointment, you’ll be asked whether you would prefer a telephone or video consultation. If you choose video, you’ll be given an appointment time and be directed to the Hawthorne Clinic website.

Step 2: Go to

On our homepage you will see a green button reading “Join the waiting area for your pre-booked telehealth consultation: Click Here” near the top. It will direct you to our virtual waiting room. Five to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time, click this button. A new window will open and there will be a screen telling you that you’re in the Hawthorne Clinic video call system.

Now, click “Agree” and you’ll be taken to the next screen.

Step 3: Add your patient details

We need you to put in some basic details so we can match the computer or phone you’re logging in with against the appointment slot we’re holding for you. These details include:

  • Your name

  • Your date of birth

  • Your phone number

Once these are filled, you’ll be redirected to the virtual waiting room.

Step 4: Wait for your doctor to start the call

Once you’re in the virtual waiting room, your doctor will be able to call on you when they’re ready. Just wait in front of your computer or phone and the appointment will begin by itself.

Step 5: Finishing your appointment

Sometimes, your doctor may ask you to come in for an in-person appointment. In this event, your virtual consult will act as a triaging process to ensure everyone’s health and safety. Once your virtual consult has ended, your GP might either manage the new booking for you or request that you call reception and book the follow-up consult at a time that suits you.


Just like a telephone consult, a telehealth consult will be ‘bulk billed’ - this is, no out of pocket expense- to all patients with a current Medicare card.

If your GP requests that you come in for an in-person consultation, including a visit to our Respiratory Clinic, then our normal private billing policies (including applicable Medicare rebates) apply.

Help is always available

If you have any technical issues, call reception on 07 3399 5444. We will step you through the process. If it simply isn’t going to work, we offer consultations over the phone.

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