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Covid Vaccination Hub - August Update

We continue to be grateful to our community for your patience as we progress as quickly as our vaccine allocations allow.

What is the current State of Play?

We are now accepting bookings for ALL eligible patients in the following categories:

  • Phase 1B

  • Patients 40-59 yrs

  • Patients 60yrs and over

If you are unsure of your current eligibility, or which vaccine you will receive, please utilise the Eligibility Checker, which can provide advice.

Who gets which Vaccine?

If you are 60yrs or older, you are able to receive the Astra Zeneca vaccine, unless you have a valid medical exemption that precludes you from receiving this particular vaccine. The current medical advice supports this age group receiving this vaccine.

If you are 40-59 yrs, you are eligible to receive either the Pfizer vaccine, or the Astra Zeneca vaccine, however the current medical advice in Queensland is that the Pfizer vaccine is the preferred vaccine for this age group. If you are in this age group and wish to be vaccinated with Astra Zeneca, please book a consultation with one of our GP’s, so that we can ensure you have been adequately informed prior to your vaccination.

If your eligibility for vaccination is based on factors other than your age, you will still receive the vaccine that is recommended for your age demographic in Queensland.

How do I book?

We are currently experiencing unprecedented demand for appointments. As such, the most convenient and helpful way to book is online or via the HotDoc app.

You will be prompted to also book your second dose when you are booking your first. (3 weeks after dose 1 for Pfizer, and 12 weeks after dose 1 for Astra Zeneca).


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