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How you get your test results is changing

At reception recently, you may have noticed we’ve been asking you to fill-in a new form.

This form is to record whether you consent (or not) to us communicating with you via SMS for certain simple notifications.

It’s a new capability in our clinic software. We believe it can make things easier and simpler for most of our patients.

On the form, if you ticked “yes” to receiving an SMS about “Clinical Communications”, then your GP can now send you a quick text when they have finished checking your results.

It can say that everything is fine, or that follow up is needed. This means you don’t need to call us about your results.

This system is in no way compulsory. If you marked the form saying you don’t want to receive these SMS notifications, you’re still fine to call us as usual.

If you have not consented to receive such SMS communication (or have not yet received an SMS), please phone for your results. Do not assume that we will phone you. Also, reception staff are only able to give you the doctor’s comment, all other information must be discussed with your doctor.

For more information about SMS test notifications, speak to our reception team, nursing staff or your GP.

To download a quick guide about getting test results, click here.

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