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Don’t let coronavirus stop you seeing your GP

In a surprising Australia-wide outcome, the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic has been discouraging people from visiting their GP for general health matters.

Either through uncertainty on the state of the health system or thinking their doctor has “better things to do right now”, the cumulative effect is a risk to the overall health of the Australian population.

At Hawthorne Clinic, we reassure you that booking appointments as normal is still the best thing you can do for you and your family’s continued health. We have implemented several risk-control precautions.

Telehealth appointments

Our consultation procedures have changed a little. The process now begins with a phone or video ‘telehealth’ consultation booked through our reception desk. Telehealth consultations are sufficient for most routine health matters. If your needs cannot be met this way, your doctor may request that you come to the clinic.

Face-to-face appointments are safe

If you’re asked to attend the clinic, you will be “triaged” on arrival. This is a simple and non-intrusive initial review of your condition in order to match you with the right level of care. This process means no one with respiratory symptoms enters the main practice. Instead, they’re seen in our respiratory symptoms clinic where airborne infection risks can be better controlled. Further, we’ve also implemented additional infection controls within the main practice.

Your health matters

During this challenging time, keeping current with your family GP is the most important thing you can do to maintain the health of yourself and your loved ones. Yes, we live in uncertain times, but that doesn’t mean your healthcare needs to be uncertain too.

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