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Are You Taking Care Of You?

Are You Taking Care Of You?

Life is busy.

Between juggling careers, kids, relationships and home it's understandable that we can easily drop health and wellbeing to the bottom of the long list of to-do's.

If we don't find a way to decompress and take care of ourselves we become inefficient and ineffective in whatever we attempt to do, and easily overwhelmed and exhausted.

The myth of being the perfect mother, partner and general everything to everyone is slowly being debunked, thankfully, and the realisation that we're all not built to run nonstop is dawning.

Unfortunately, many of us are finding this out the hard way. Functioning on a level of give, give, give that leaves us empty and often sick. Our bodies are our ultimate guides that say when is enough is enough, but how can we help ourselves by ensuring that we don't get to that point?

Here are 6 quick tips for your health that you can begin today, actually right now.

Make Breakfast Count


• It is often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

So, how are you starting your day?

• Research shows that eating breakfast is linked to being a healthier weight and burning more energy during the day.

• Replace ‘empty’ breakfast choices with nutrient-rich breakfasts such as muesli or bircher muesli with yoghurt; egg, spinach and tomato on wholegrain toast; or a smoothie with berries, ground seeds and nuts.


• We often try to pack a lot into our days but have you thought about making time for mindfulness?

• Mindfulness is a great way to calm yourself down, reduce anxious thoughts and feelings, and help you stay in the present.

• This can make coping with everyday life easier and contribute to good health and wellbeing.


• Today, inflammation appears to be the basis of all non-infectious diseases.

• Decrease the fire of inflammation by eating foods rich in omega-3 fats such as oily fish (sardines and salmon) three times a week, as well as linseeds (flaxseeds) and walnuts.

• Use healthier fats such as olive oil and macadamia oil and avoid the more inflammatory oils such as safflower oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil and many vegetable oil blends.

Flick The Switch


• Most women need 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

• The light from your phone, tablet or laptop negatively affects the production of your sleep hormone melatonin, so wind down in the evening without using technology.

• Switch off your devices at night and keep your phone out of your bedroom so you can switch off properly too – that means no alerts, no checking your phone and not using your phone as your alarm clock.


• Red, blue and purple foods are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients. This means they can help fight disease and keep you


• Fruits: berries, cherries, plums (and prunes), blackcurrants, red apples and black grapes.

• Vegetables: purple and orange carrots, purple and red potatoes, red cabbage, red onions and red lettuce.

• Grains and legumes: red rice, red kidney beans, aduki beans and red lentils.


• Your gut contains more than 1000 different types of bacteria – useful bacteria that help you absorb more nutrients from food and protect you from illness and allergies.

• New research shows that gut bacteria can also influence behaviours such as anxiety and depression.

• Nourish and restore your gut bugs with whole plant foods. Go for fruit, vegetables and nuts, wholegrain rice, oats and rye, and legumes such as beans, chickpeas and lentils.


If you're feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and run down, or just feel like you could do with a check in with your health, your GP can help.

All doctors at Hawthorne Clinic are experienced in Women’s Health and are a great support when times are tough as well as helping you maintain your good health.

Speak to our reception team today if you'd like to find out more about our Well Women Health Checks, or to book in with your GP to chat about your health and wellbeing.

3399 5444 or visit our appointments page.

Part of this article is from and published with the permission from Jean Hailes for Women's Health


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