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Childhood sleep study - want to be involved?

At Hawthorne Clinic, we’re always pleased to be part of research efforts to improve the health of our community. This is why we’re welcoming local families to volunteer for the Sleep Transitions And Regularity Study (STARS), currently being undertaken by the University of Queensland.

The researchers are looking into childhood sleep development and want to work with families of children aged 9-12 months. The four-year study is being led by respected researchers Dr Sally Staton, Professor Karen Thorpe and Professor Simon Smith. Their overall goal is to explore the relationship between early childhood sleep patterns and behaviour, learning and health.

If you are selected, you and your child’s participation will involve keeping a diary, monthly check-ins, six-monthly online survey, sleep measurements, play-based activities and observations.

As well as knowing you’re part of improving childhood health and development outcomes, the university is offering a modest financial compensation for participation.

Please note, while we support efforts of all medical research that can benefit the local community, Hawthorne Clinic is not part of STARS and does not want anyone to feel any pressure to join in.

So, if you’re interested, you can find out more by visiting the STARS site or watching this short video.


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