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Upgrades to our online booking system

As of today, Hawthorne Clinic is unveiling an upgrade of our online booking system.

We are making the switch from Appointuit to HotDoc. HotDoc offers a user-friendly app, which is available for Apple and Android - this short video explains more.

It’s designed to be ultra-simple to use. Once you click through, you add a few personal details (these are kept under very strong security). Then, you can scroll down to your preferred doctor. Once you find them, you can see their available appointments. Click the time you want and confirm. And that’s it.

To avoid any confusion, we would recommend uninstalling the Appointuit app once you are up and running with HotDoc.

We are still offering the convenient option to book directly from our website (, however now when you click the “Make an appointment” button, you’ll be directed to HotDoc.

It is also important to note that we will be utilising HotDoc for our SMS Appointment Reminder service, which will provide the added benefit of being able to cancel or amend an appointment from the reminder, even if it wasn’t made using HotDoc!

Why are we making this change?

Whilst our previous booking system was ok, we had begun to experience some compatibility issues with our practice software. We conducted thorough research to find the best option for our patients, and HotDoc is the best solution out there.

After all, more than 6 million Aussie patients and 18,000 doctors already use it to make and manage bookings. Plus, it was developed in Australia by an Australian GP for Australian patients.

HotDoc also offers all sorts of features and innovations that make going to the doctor more convenient, making HotDoc the perfect fit for Hawthorne Clinic moving forward. For now, all you need to know is that our booking system is about to get even better and even simpler!

If you have any issues getting set up with HotDoc, or have any queries about the change, please contact our friendly Reception team on (07) 3399 5444.


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