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In an emergency call 000

(07) 3399 5444

171 Riding Rd, Balmoral QLD 4171

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Sign up to keep kids roadsafe

We live in one of the most beautiful and safe areas of Brisbane. Of course, it’s a great place to live and raise your kids. The fact there are 9 schools in the area reflect that. Our local speed limits don’t!

Our community simply has a lot of kids around crossing roads and riding bikes as they go to and from school and weekend sports. And, as everyone knows, kids and cars don’t mix.

The 22 August incident, where two schoolgirls were hit and injured by a car at the corner of Riding Rd and Pashen St, is just the latest in a sad succession of similar cases.

If you, like the team at Hawthorne Clinic, are really concerned about the safety of kids around our local roads, we encourage you to join the hundreds who have signed the petition to “URGENTLY Upgrade Riding Road”.

Further, we have paper copies of the petition in the clinic. Drop in and you can physically sign your name on the line.

We can make a difference.

Last, if the worst happens and you see a child or an adult get hit, here are a few first response tips:

  • Take the situation seriously and call 000. Often, the adrenaline in the victim’s body means the true extent of their injuries won’t be obvious.

  • Stay with the victim and follow the instructions of the 000 operator.

  • If possible, get as much information about the incident as you can - especially names and contact details.

  • Instead of sending an ambulance, the emergency operator might advise you to proceed to the nearest GP for examination or first aid. Virtually all GP clinics, including ours, will see emergency patients immediately.


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