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How To Sleep Well This Summer In 5 Easy Steps

Sleep is such an important factor of your overall health and there are many factors that can affect the amount and quality that we get. Whether it be waking children, pesky mosquitos, feeling too full or too empty, even the temperature of our bedrooms.

A video from Science of Us has revealed that science has finally answered a long standing questions. What is the best temperature to sleep in?

The answer? A cooler room, approximately 15 - 20 degrees is perfect.

Apparently, when "you sleep your body temperature goes down and then starts to warm up towards the end of your sleep as a signal to wake up. So, if you sleep in a cooler room than you are more likely to be more comfortable, less likely to wake up during the night and generally get a better night’s sleep."


Will we all sleep any sounder in the knowledge that the perfect temperature to sleep in has been defined by science, maybe, if we are able to achieve this magic number by programming it into the remote of an air conditioner. But what if you don't have one?

We began to wonder if any of the scientists who worked on this discovery lived in Queensland, more specifically in an old Queenslander, that has no air-conditioning, during the Summer?

Well worry not. We've pulled together our top 5 tips for staying cool come bedtime.


Don't think of these winter warmers just in winter. During the summer, create an adult sized iced pack by (not quite) filling your trusty hot water bottle with water and popping it in the freezer. You can even pop it under your pillow to create that oh-so divine 'cold pillow' feeling whenever you need it.


If you happen to have a ceiling fan, you'd confidently say you know how to use it, right? Well, you could be wrong. According to some reports, if you set the blades to run counter-clockwise, hot air will be pulled up and out instead of just being spun around the room.


Overnight we begin to dehydrate, so drinking a glass of water before bed can help you in getting ahead of losing liquids through tossing, turning and sweating during the night.


Cold feet are welcomed when it comes time to catch some zzz's. Due to the amount of pulse points in your feet and ankles, your tootsies are sensitive to temperature. Simply sticking one foot out from under the sheets can bring some much needed relief from the heat. But you can take it one 'step' further (excuse the pun) and put a bucket of cold water by your bed for an emergency dip if it all gets too hot during the night.

This fifth and final 'cool' nighttime hack has a double benefit in our opinion. By unplugging and switching off we don't initially mean taking time to wind down before bed, although this is an important part of getting a restful night.
What we mean is unplugging and switching off devices, lights and appliances that are in your bedroom. It may sound silly but a low level of heat is produced from plugs and lite bulbs. So, enjoy the double benefit of taking time away from screens and white-light, and make your room that tiny bit cooler, just by turning off and unplugging.
We hope you have a great night's sleep tonight!


Article inspired by Greatist, original article can be read here.

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash


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