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The Benefits Of Breaking Up With Alcohol

The benefits of breaking up with...alcohol (even if it's just for a month).

Our diaries are full of birthdays, school sports fixtures and the ever constant reminder to go to the gym and actually finish a meal plan for the week.

Our calendars are also filling with a different kind of reminder, to take time off from alcohol.

Febfast, Dry July and Ocsober - three months in the year each with a four-week break from your tipple of choice in order to clear your head, cleanse the liver and save some money.

These multiple monthly events, encouraging us to abstain from alcohol, must surely be for a good reason so let's take a look at the benefits of holidaying from alcohol.


In 2016 Australian households spend $666 billion on general living expenses. $14.9 billion of that was on alcohol with the cost of alcohol consumption between $1300 and $4700 annually.1

ABS data released in September 2017 and analysed by showed that about 1.7 billion litres of beer is consumed in Australia a year — the equivalent of about 670 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“If all of our alcohol consumption was translated into beer alone, Australians drink about 680 bottles of beer per adult per year,” according to Finder money expert, Bessie Hassan.


A seemingly delightful icy cold beer, full-bodied red wine and refreshing tropical cocktail all hide an array of negative consequences taking their toll on our health. From troubles such as ageing skin, snoring and weight gain to the more frightening issues such as cancer.

The list of downsides to alcohol is endless and should be enough to shock us into minimising our intact. So, let's focus on the positives for our bodies by taking time off.


Health experts believe a month off drinking can:

- improve health

- reduce blood sugar levels

- lower blood pressure

- improve concentration

- help the liver recover

- help you sleep better

- get clearer skin

- lose weight

- clear your head

- increase your energy

- gain a sense of achievement

- save money

- say goodbye to hangovers

- promote you to develop stress management coping mechanisms that don’t involve alcohol


With July just around the corner, it's the perfect time for you to take action. Book in your time off from alcohol, break up from the bottle, and say au revoir to the aperitif.

It's your chance to give your body four weeks off from the booze and for you to see and feel the benefits.

For some, giving up alcohol won't be easy, we understand. So how about an added incentive to go dry this July? During the month of July, an average of 11,526 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer. Joining Dry July and raising funds while you do that it will go towards cancer support organisations across Australia, to help improve patient comfort, care and wellbeing.

It's a win-win, so what are you waiting for. Sign up to Dry July today.





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