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Welcoming Dr Peter Skow

Introducing the newest member of our team, Dr Peter Skow.

Hawthorne Clinic is pleased to welcome Dr Peter Skow as the newest member of the team.

Dr Skow will join our team of experienced and friendly doctors offering his expertise in all aspects of general family medicine, along with his Certificate in Sports Medicine.

Dr Skow graduated in 1987 with 1st Class Honours from the University of New South Wales. He worked at various hospitals in Sydney and Gosford and was a GP in Ballina and Lismore for 27 years.

Find out more about Dr Skow

We caught up with Peter ahead of his first day here at the clinic to find out more about him.

Q: What is it that you most enjoy about being a doctor?

A: Mainly the sheer variety of things you deal with concerning people of all ages. I'm looking forward to getting to know the community after my move to Brisbane later this month from Northern NSW.

Q: Do you have a particular area of interest in medicine?

A: I enjoy all areas of medicine and my role as a GP, although I do hold a Certificate in Sports Medicine. I'm a very keen sports fan in my spare time.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you would give your younger self?

A: Cherish every day you have with those that mean something to you.

Q: What are your recommended must-reads?

A: A definite favourite book is The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan. I also enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird and The Road.

Q: What is your top tip for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

A: Don’t smoke, most things in moderation and try to have a laugh whenever you can - even if that means poor ‘dad jokes'.


To book an appointment with Dr Skow please call 3399 5444 or visit our online bookings page. The first available appointment date is from 25th June 2018 onwards.



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